Hi, I’m David Peterson

I’m David Peterson. I’ve pretty much always had a knack for conceptualizing ideas and bringing them to life:  Businesses, Mobile Apps, Web Applications, and the like. In short, designing, building, launching and scaling companies is my jam — especially technology based businesses.

Currently, I’m working on a few start-up businesses.


2006: Interned at Providence, Rhode Island based record label White Noise Records (Now defunct.) My first taste of the entertainment business.

2008: Started my career at a Rhode Island based start-up as a sales & marketing manager.

2011: Landed my first remote role at Versata & Trilogy as a global operations manager – where I oversaw restructuring of company acquisitions.

2012: Laterally moved to a newly formed company under Trilogy called Aurea to build and lead a global channel partner business.

2016: Recruited internally at Trilogy for another new company created called Crossover for Work  as a marketing and strategy advisor to the CEO.

2019: CEO@Hubackup, CEO@The Mega Agency, and CEO@Mega Websites! OH and blogging here, there, and everywhere as well as posting on social media, and working on a podcast or two 😉 Might even catch me public speaking soon too!


I enjoying traveling when I can, going to concerts since I enjoy music of nearly every genre, building businesses, working with other entrepreneurs playing and watching sports, and an occasional run!  Want to get in touch?